32 oz. Wide Mouth Nalgene bottle with Matching Pupcup


Nalgene with matching pupcup.  When you have water, your dog has water.

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It is important for both you and your pup to hydrate when having outdoor adventures.  Always be prepared with water for both of you with this matching Nalgene bottle and attached pupcup.  The pupcup attaches to the bottom of the Nalgene bottle so you always have an easy way to give your pup clean, fresh drinking water without contaminating your own.

Nalgene is the best selling bottle for the last 20 years. Made from durable Tritan material, which is BPA free and guaranteed for life, this bottle is dishwasher safe, able to hold over 32 ounces of fluid, and has an attached loop lid.

Both Nalgene and pup cup are proudly made in the USA.


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