Backpacker’s Cache Bear Resistant Food Container w/Carrying Case


Backpackers’ Cache Bear Resistant Canister with carry case protects your food on camping trips.  Free shipping!

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The Backpackers’ Cache Bear Resistant Canister has set the standard in bear proof food containers for backpacking and camping since 1982. Garcia Machine has worked with outdoor professionals and backpackers extensively to come up with an easy to use and easy to carry storage system while hiking in bear country. The result – an ingenious design and indestructible, resistant bear canister that will keep your food and toiletries safe from those relentless bandits in fur. Stash the Backpackers Cache at least one hundred feet from camp to keep the odors and sweet smelling treats away from your tent and living area. This Bear Proof Container is easy to open and either slips into your backpack or can be attached to the outside of your pack via the optional carrying case (sold separately). You can pack almost a weeks worth of food in the Backpackers’ Cache and actually keep it safe the whole time as opposed to hanging, where one smart bear could knock it down and eat your whole supply in a matter of seconds. One person can enjoy about 6 days of food packed in this container. Weighing in at only 2.7 lbs. empty, you can take it anywhere you need to safely store your food and scent emitting essentials. Capacity: 614 cubic inches.  This baby is made of ABS polymer, so it will last as long as you do. Dimensions 8.8″ dia. X 12″ long.

Includes a nylon carrying case that gives you the option of attaching your bear canister to the outside of your pack. Just fill your backpack with what you need, slip the bear proof container in to the case and strap it to the outer side of your pack. If you get hungry on the trail, you won’t have to dig in to your nicely organized backpack to get that beef jerky you’ve been craving for the couple of miles. This handy nylon case features a zippered opening, webbing straps and plastic buckles. Attach it to your backpack, pack mule or carry by hand. Only weighs 6 ounces


Please note:  Food not included.


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