BearVault BV450 Solo Bear Resistant Food Container


BearVault | BearVault BV450 Solo Bear Resistant Container, Bear Vault Bear Proof Canister

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The BearVault BV450 is the SOLO version of these lightweight, see-through bear resistant food canisters. When you’re out backpacking and only fending for yourself, this bear proof container will provide you with up to 4 days worth of food. Unscrew the tool-free lid and pack the Bear Vault BV450 with all the grub and powdered drink mixes you’ll need while camping, hiking or fishing in Yogi’s backcountry. Don’t forget to include anything that gives off a scent such as toiletries, gum and empty energy bar wrappers…EVERYTHING! Keep the bear canister a good 100 feet away from your tent and camp so you don’t find yourself between mamma and the cubs. Storing your food and such in this bear proof container will help keep the bears eating their natural, wild diet and your nice cargo shorts clean as can be! Can hold up to 4 days worth of food on your solo trek Slip this 2 lb. 1 oz. food canister in to your pack or attach to the outside with built in strap guides The Bear Vault BV450 is translucent with a wide opening for easy food location and access No tools needed to open – makes it convenient for you and the bears fumbling with it for hours       Approved by the Sierra Interagency Black Bear Group and Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee

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