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BearVault | BearVault BV500 Bear Resistant Food Container

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The BearVault BV500 is the ultimate choice in a bear resistant canister. Whether you’re camping overnight or on an extended backpacking trip, keeping your food safe and secure is a must. It’s even the law in many national parks. Fill this bear proof container with a week’s worth of dried food, snack bars, drink mixes and all your s’mores fixin’s. Also, keep everything that carries a scent such as toothpaste, soap, spices and even gum in the BV500. When you’re finished getting your food out of the Bear Vault, place it a good 100 feet from camp. This way Ol’ Smokey can play with it all he wants without disturbing you or feeling threatened. Oh, and NEVER bring food in to your tent while in bear country…you don’t want any visitors at night sniffing for that candy bar wrapper that was left under your sleeping bag. Storing your food and smelly items in the BearVault BV500 will keep you safe while also keeping the bears safe and WILD…the way it should be! Holds 7 days worth of food to keep you going all week It’s easy to bring along because it only weighs 2 lbs. 9 oz. and slips right in to your backpack The Bear Vault BV500 makes it easy to get at your food with it’s wide mouth opening and clear polycarbonate body As we have opposable thumbs, this bear proof container requires no tools to open…although the bears don’t think this is that humorous The molded strap guides let you attach the canister to the outside of your backpack if you need more space for gear Approved by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee and Sierra Interagency Black Bear Group

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