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Mayday Industries | Dog Emergency Survival Kit Mayday KT-DG1 FREE Shipping

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FREE Shipping! Calling all pet parents! The Dog Emergency Survival Kit helps prepare your pet for disasters. Your dog provides you with love and loyalty 365 days a year. Don’t let man (and woman’s) best friend down when they need you most. In an emergency, we my have to act quickly. Having all of your pet essentials on hand allows you to act fast. Our 3 gallon bucket kit contains food, water, first-aid and comfort item that may win you a pet parent of the year award. Spot, Buddy, Patches and Fifi will be howling with joy, knowing that you didn’t just think ahead, you acted on it. Everyone is better off with a little preparation. Veterinarians may not be available at the very moment you need them. Our 58 piece first aid kit and bloodstopper bandages may be the very thing you need to hold you over, until help is at hand. We never know when an emergency will occur. Take this time to prepare yourself and your furry friends – get the Mayday  KT-DG1 – The 38 Piece “DogGoneIt PEMA” Kit For Dogs TODAY! Dog Emergency Survival Kit includes: 2 – Pouches of Emergency Dog Food 12 – Pouches of Emergency Water 2 – Emergency Blankets 2 – Chem Lightsticks 2 – Water Bowls 1 – Leash and Collar 50 ft. of Rope 6 – Poop Baggies 2 – Can Openers 1 – 58 pc First Aid Kit & Bloodstopper 3 – Chew Sticks 1 – Tennis Ball Pet Disaster Info    

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 in