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Mayday Industries | Emergency Survival Backpack Kit 2-Person | KEX2 Mayday

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FREE SHIPPING! Emergency preparedness made easy with the Emergency Survival Backpack Kit – Deluxe – 2 Person from Mayday. The world is a crazy place, and the way to deal with it is to be prepared for those unexpected emergency situations. Earthquakes, terrorism, flooding, etc. is in the news on a daily basis and the victims involved never thought it would happen to them. The KEX2 Emergency Survival Backpack Kit – Deluxe will give you peace of mind for you and a loved one knowing you have enough emergency food, water and survival supplies for 3 days. Also known as a 72 hour kit, this Mayday Backpack Kit should be stored in every vehicle you own, at work and in your kids college dorm rooms. The emergency food bars and water have a shelf-life of 5 years and can withstand temperatures of up to 149 deg. F. Although this survival backpack weighs under 11 lbs., it provides shelter, light, heat, water, food and first aid to 2 people for 72 hours. Plenty of time to get out of a disaster area or to stay put until help arrives. Do yourself a favor and don’t put off preparing you and your family for life’s unexpected emergencies – you’ll be glad you acted now!   KEX2 Emergency Survival Backpack Kit – Deluxe – 2 Person includes: 1 – Adult Size Backpack 2 – Mayday Food Bars (2400 calorie) 12 – Mayday Emergency Water Pouches 2 – Solar Blankets 2 – Dust Masks 2 – Rain Ponchos 1 – Emergency Flashlight w/ Batteries 1 – 2 Person Tent 1 – 50 ft of Nylon Rope 1 – 12 hr Light Stick 1 – 54 Piece First-Aid Kit 1 – 50 Water Purification Tablets 1 – 50 Waterproof Matches 1 – Utility Knife 1 – 5-in-1 Whistle 1 – AM/FM Radio with Batteries 1 – Camping Stove 1 – Pair Leather Palmed Gloves

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Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 12 × 14 in