Emergency Survival Backpack Kit – Economy – 4 Person


Mayday Industries | Emergency Survival Backpack Kit 4-Person | KEC4 Mayday

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FREE SHIPPING! The 4 Person Emergency Survival Backpack Kit from Mayday keeps you prepared for most disasters. There is 3 days worth of food, water and basic emergency supplies in this kit for up to 4 people. You can store the KEC4 Emergency Kit in the trunk of each one of your cars, keep one at work and even have one in the dorm at school. You never know when or where you could be stranded if an earthquake, hurricane, terrorism or flooding strikes – so be prepared! The KEC4 Emergency Survival Backpack Kit can be stored in temps of up to 149 degrees F, so it’s perfect for each of your cars. What if disaster hits when you’re at work? Keep a kit under your desk or in a closet and you will at least be self-sufficient for 3 days. Prepare now because you can’t prepare after! KEC4 Emergency Survival Backpack Kit – Economy – 4 Person contains:  Rugged Backpack  4  – Solar Blankets  4 –  Emergency Food Bars  24 -Emergency Water Pouches  1  – First Aid Kit – Fifty-four pieces  1  – Emergency Whistle with Lanyard  1  – Dynamo Flashlight/ Radio

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 11 × 12 in