Emergency Survival Kit – Deluxe – 2 Person


Mayday Industries | Emergency Survival Kit 2-Person 72 Hour Kit KEX2P Mayday

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FREE SHIPPING! The Emergency Survival Kit – Deluxe – 2 Person makes preparing for most emergency situations quick and easy. With this 72 hour kit for 2 people, you can be confident you and a loved one will be ready when an earthquake, hurricane and other natural or man-made disaster strikes. No need to feverishly go out in to the chaotic public and fight for food, water and emergency supplies when all you need is in this handy 5-gallon honey bucket. The KEX2P is Mayday Industries Deluxe model of their 2 Person Emergency Honey Bucket Kit and is one of our best sellers. Place one in your bedroom closet or any structurally strong section of your house so you can get to it during and after any emergency situation occurs. Emergency water and food are vacuum sealed and can withstand temperatures of up to 149 deg F. The bucket & lid can be used as a toilet and comes with disinfectant and liners. Tools include gas/water shut off, pry bar and utility knife. Mayday Industries has established itself as the leader in emergency preparedness supplies since 1995 and Fuel for Adventure has proudly carried their products for many years. Prepare yourself today – so you’ll be ready for tomorrow! KEX2P Emergency Survival Kit – Deluxe – 2 Person contains: 1   – 5-gal Honey Bucket with Lid 2   – Mylar Solar Blankets 2   – 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Bars (US Coast Guard Approved) 12 – Pouches of Emergency Water (US Coast Guard Approved) 1   – First Aid Kit – 54 pieces 2   – Dust Masks 1   – Pack of T-5 Chemical Toilet Disinfectant 1   – 12 Pack of Liners 2   – Rain Poncho 6   – Wet Naps 1   – 12 Hour Light Stick 1   – Roll of Duct Tape – 10 yards 1   – Gas/Water Shut-off Tool 1   – 15″ Pry Bar 1   – Dynamo Flashlight / AM FM Radio Combo 1   – Emergency Utility Knife 1   – Pair Leather Palmed Gloves 1   – 5 N 1 Whistle 50 – Water Purification Tablets 50 – Waterproof Matches  

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 15 in