Emergency Survival Kit – Deluxe – 4 Person


Mayday Industries | Emergency Survival Kit 4-Person 72 Hour Kit KEX4P Mayday

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FREE SHIPPING! Prepare now with the 4 Person, Emergency Survival Kit – Deluxe for you and your family. Packed with everything you would need to survive during and after a natural or man-made disaster, this 3 person, 72 hour kit contains US Coast Guard approved water and emergency food bars packed with calories and nutrition! Produced and sealed to the strictest industry standards, the Mayday Food Bars and Mayday Emergency Water Pouches have a 5-year self-life and can be stored in temperatures of up to 149 degrees F. All food and water is manufactured just before kit assembly, so everything is as fresh as possible. The KEX4P Emergency Survival Kit for 4 people has everything imaginable to get you and your family through the toughest times. Including: a 54 piece first aid kit, pry bar and various other tools, rain gear, solar blankets…and so much more. The combination flashlight/ AM FM radio has a dynamo feature; so turning the attached hand crank will re-power the unit when there’s no electricity or batteries available. For over 20 years, Mayday Industries has been a leader in the emergency preparedness field and they have equipped thousands of businesses, schools and individuals with critical food, water and supplies all over the world. Keep one or two at home, the office and anywhere you could be stranded for a period of time. KEX4P Emergency Survival Kit – Deluxe – 4 Person contains: 1   – Honey Bucket with Toilet Seat Lid 4   – Mylar Solar Blanket 4   – 2400 cal. Emergency Food Bars 24 – Pouches of Emergency Water 1   – First Aid Kit – 54 pieces 4   – Dust Masks 1   – Pack of T-1 Chemical Toilet Disinfectant 1   – 12 Pack of Liners 4   – Rain Poncho 6   – Wet Naps 1   – 12 Hour Light Stick 1   – Roll of Duct Tape – 10 yards 1   – Gas & Water Shut-off Tool 1   – 15 inch Pry Bar 1   – Dynamo Flashlight / AM FM Radio Combo 1   – Emergency Utility Knife 1   – Pair Leather Palmed Gloves 1   – Emergency Whistle 1   – Pack of 50 Water Purification Tablets 1   – Pack of 50 Waterproof Matches

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Weight 23 oz
Dimensions 12 × 15 in