Emergency Survival Kit Fanny Pack – 3 Day


Mayday Industries | Emergency Survival Kit Fanny Pack 3 Day | KFP Mayday

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FREE SHIPPING!  Always be prepared at home, work, school and on the road with the Emergency Survival Kit Fanny Pack from Mayday. When disaster strikes just strap this fanny pack on and know you have enough food, water and emergency supplies to last for 3 days. Store the KFP Emergency Fanny Pack in your trunk, office desk or in your dorm at school. The emergency food bar and water are packaged and prepared to withstand temperatures of up to 149 degrees F, so don’t worry about the heat. Allergy-free and vegetarian friendly, the apple cinnamon food bars are sectioned in to serving sized portions and really taste good. Mayday Industries has been a pioneer in the emergency preparedness market since 1995, so you are getting the benefit of preparing you and your loved ones with a time-tested leader! KFP Emergency Survival Kit Fanny Pack includes: 1 – Durable Fanny Pack 1 – 2400 ca. Emergency Food Bar 6 – Emergency Water Pouches 1 – First Aid Kit (37 piece) 1 – Emergency Mylar Solar Blanket 1 – Radio AM/FM (batteries included) 1 – Emergency Dynamo Flashlight 1 – Pack of 50 Waterproof Matches 1 – Dust Mask 1 – Emergency Whistle w/ Lanyard 1 – Pack of Moist Towelettes 1 – Emergency Instructions

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 4 in