Mayday Emergency Food Bars, 1200 Calorie (Case of 36)


Mayday Industries | Mayday Emergency Food Bars, 1200 Calorie (Case of 36)

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Need to find the highest quality emergency food bars available? Look no further! This case of thirty-six x 1200 Calorie Mayday Food Bars are what you need. Each bar provides one person with enough hunger satisfying nutrition for a day. These apple cinnamon flavored rations are made under strict guidelines and are packaged specifically for long-term storage. Even when subjected to temperatures reaching 149 degrees F, these bars will stay fresh for at least 5 years. This allows them to be stored in survival kits, car trunks & glove boxes, at home, at work and in school emergency kits. Stash these bars in different areas of your house in case an earthquake, hurricane or some other disaster strikes and sections of your house cannot be accessed. Keeping all of your survival supplies in one area is risky so designate at least 2 areas to store them. Case of 36 Mayday 1200 Calories Emergency Food Bars Each bar provides one person with 1 days worth of nutrition Bars are perforated in to 3 x 400 calorie servings Shelf life of 5 years and heat resistant to 149 deg F U.S. Coast Guard approved

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 15 × 8 in