Mayday Emergency Food Bars, 400 Calorie (Case of 110)


Mayday Industries | Mayday Emergency Food Bars, 400 Calorie | Case of 110 Bars

SKU: mayday-fb40mc


This case pack of 110 Mayday Emergency Food Bars provides 400 calories of energizing nutrition per serving. Individually wrapped in special foil, these survival “Mini Meal” food bars have a 5-year shelf life and can withstand up to 149 deg. F temperatures. Keep them in places that you often frequent such as: office desk, student emergency school kit, purse, glove box, nightstand at home and all of your emergency survival kits. Case of 110 Mayday 400 calorie food bars Apple cinnamon flavor 5-year shelf life Store in temps of up to 149 Deg F Perfect for emergency kits, home, car and work

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 15 × 8 in