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 The School Classroom Lockdown Kit is an emergency kit with food, water and the basic essentials packed in a 5 gallon bucket. In the event of a major emergency or a minor precaution, these emergency supplies will make things quite a bit more comfortable for those detained in a classroom for a period of time. The emergency food and water have a shelf life of 5 years and are packaged and sealed for protection and freshness. A School Classroom Lockdown Kit should really be in every classroom of the school and conveniently stores in a closet or under a counter. Emergency preparedness should be a priority in all schools and this survival kit can play a major part in that plan. School Classroom Lockdown Kit Contains: 3 – 3600 Cal. Food Bars 30 – Packs of Drinking Water 1 – Portable Toilet 1 – Standard Roll of Toilet Paper 2 – Toilet Disinfectant 100 – Moist Towelettes 1 – Large Mylar Blanket 4 – Toilet Liners 1 – AM Radio w/Batteries 1 – Whistle 1 – 10 yd. Roll Duct Tape  

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