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Sierra Designs | Sierra Designs Men’s Pack Trench Jacket | Rain Coat for Backpacking

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The Sierra Designs Men’s Pack Trench Jacket is the ultimate raincoat for backpacking. This full-length rain wear is compatible with a backpack by placing it’s features in just the right places. Pockets are easy to access while donning your pack, the hood lays flat under your pack and creative vents with zippers allow ventilation while wearing your pack. The Sierra Designs Men’s Pack Trench Jacket is designed with a storm lap that is Velcro-free, making zipping and un-zipping fast and simple. The cut of this men’s adventure raincoat is nicely trimmed so it fits over base and mid layers allowing freedom of movement and maximum rain protection. Have you ever been on a backcountry trip, all loaded up on the trail, when suddenly you’re in a deluge? By the time you take everything off and struggle putting your rain gear on, you’re soaked to the bone, miserable and cold. With the Pack Trench, donning your raincoat is effortless and most of all – FAST! You will be waterproofed, packed up and on the trail again in no time. Measure 1″ below your armpit for chest girth: Small:      34″ – 37″ Medium:  38″ – 41″ Large:      42″ – 45″ X-Large:   46″ – 49″ XX-Large: 50″ – 53″ Full-length trench style raincoat for backpacking Weighs only 15 ounces Available in Black and Poseidon Blue

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Weight2 oz
Dimensions8 × 10 in