Sierra Designs Women’s Pack Trench Jacket


Sierra Designs | Sierra Designs Women’s Pack Trench Jacket | Rain Coat for Backpacking

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The Women’s Pack Trench by Sierra Designs is a long rain jacket designed for backpacking. Everything on this wet weather coat is placed so that when wearing a pack you can easily access pockets, stow the hood, move freely and stay dry. The material used to make this jacket is durable enough for tough hiking while remaining lightweight and moisture free! Everyone has experienced wearing a rain coat while working up a sweat during a down pour. It’s uncomfortable and exhausting to say the least. With the Pack Trench, you get a water repellent outer shell combined with inside ventilation, so you remain protected from the rain while perspiration is allowed to evaporate. Sierra Designs has eliminated Velcro tabs on the storm flap so it’s hassle-free zipping in and out of this rain gear. All of the openings such as sleeves, hood, waist and hip areas seal up nicely, keeping you warm and dry allowing you to keep backcountry trail blazing! Measure 1″ below your armpit for chest girth: X-Small:   33″ – 34″ Small:      35″ – 36″ Medium:  37″ – 49″ Large:      40″ – 42″ X-Large:   43″ – 45″ Excellent full-length rain jacket for backpacking and hiking Lightweight at only 13 ounces

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Weight2 oz
Dimensions8 × 10 in