Traction Cleat for Walking on Snow and Ice – Happy Moose Ice Traction Walkers (1 Pair)


Easy to put on over your shoes and boots-keeps you from slipping on snow and ice!


Happy Moose Ice Traction Walkers with multi-directional cleats give you added confidence during your outside winter activities. Easily pulled over your shoe or boot, the Ice Traction Walkers remain securely in place until you are ready to remove them. Walking on snow-covered and icy surfaces just became a little easier. The stretchable body of the Ice Traction Walkers are made of a stretchable TPE. Each Ice Traction walker comes with 24 anti-corrosive steel cleats. An extended rubber tab on the back of each Ice Traction Walker makes putting them on and taking them off easy. Optional velcro straps are included to provide extra security when wearing your Ice traction Walkers. A handy carrying bag is also included. Lightweight and easy to store, Ice Traction Walkers are ideal for every member of your family!

Caution: While Happy Moose Ice Traction Walkers can improve traction in many outdoor winter conditions such as snow and ice, Happy Moose Ice Traction Walkers cannot prevent all slips and falls. Happy Moose Ice Traction Walkers should not be used for rock climbing, climbing ladders, indoor use or while driving. Please use extreme caution when walking on polished or hard surfaces such as granite, marble, polished steel or stone. Always use caution when walking on slippery surfaces.

Included: One Pair of Happy Moose Ice Traction Walkers,Two velcro straps, One carrying bag

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