Emergency Survival Kit – Economy – 1 Person


Mayday Industries | Emergency Survival Kit 1-Person 72 Hour Kit KEC1P Mayday

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FREE SHIPPING! The KEC1P 1-Person, Economy Emergency Survival Kit is the perfect start for your emergency disaster preparations. Want to customize your survival gear and plans? No problem. Use this kit as your foundation and build, add and revise it. Included is a durable, 5 gallon honey bucket container with lid that double’s as a toilet seat. 3 day supply of emergency food and water for 1 person – both have a shelf life of 5 years. The KEC1P Economy Emergency Kit also includes emergency blanket, first aid kit, toilet liners and chemical pack. There’s plenty of room to add your own touch to this 72 hour kit such as: prescription meds, glasses, books & games, radio, flashlight, etc. The purpose of this emergency product is to provide an economical, starter kit in which you can tailor to your own specific needs.    KEC1P Emergency Survival Kit – Economy – 1 Person contains: 5-gal Bucket with Toilet Seat Lid Mylar Solar Blanket Emergency Food Bar Emergency Water – 6 pouches First Aid Kit – 54 pieces Sanitation Liners – 12 pack Pack of Disinfectant Chemicals

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Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 13 × 14 in