Hiker’s Essential Kit


Be ready for the unexpected on your outdoor adventure with the Hiker’s Essential Kit.  Compact and only 15 oz, this lightweight kit is a must have on hikes and camping trips!

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Hiking, backpacking and outdoor adventures are fun, but are you prepared for unforeseen events? Storms, injuries, encounters with wildlife, and even getting separated from your group can occur unexpectantly. Our 15 oz Essential Pack can give you piece of mind and valuable gear for every outing. Throw it in the bottom of your backpack – it is so lightweight you won’t even notice it. Have piece of mind and valuable gear should an unexpected event happen. The kit includes:

  • 14-in-1 pocket tool with knifes, openers, pliers & more
  • 37- piece first aid kit
  • 5-1 whistle with compass, mirror, flint, match storage
  • Flashlight  – No batteries required. Just squeeze the lever to power the light.
  • Solar Blanket – 84” x 55”
  • Adult Poncho
  • 2 Water purification tablets
  • Waterproof matches


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