Backpackers Cache Replacement Lid


Backpackers’ Cache | Backpackers Cache Replacement Lid for Bear Container  – Approved by most National Parks


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NEW!  Replacement Lid fits all Backpackers Cache’ Models Saves you from buying a whole new container! Bear Resistant Storage since 1982! Black Top Quality Animal Proof Storage. GARCIA Manufacturing, LLC has pioneered the development of bear resistant food containers. Since 1982 they have worked with wildlife specialists to develop light weight containers that campers can count on to keep their food safe from wild animals. Documented studies have shown that the use of these containers has drastically reduced the seriousness and frequency of camper/bear incidents. Keeping your backpacking food from wild animals is crucial for an enjoyable and safe outdoor experience. Allowing bears access to human food can lead to dangerous conditioned behavior. It is tragic that every year nuisance bears that become a threat to humans must be destroyed. Material: ABS polymer.

Please note:  Backpackers’ Cache trademark is in black not white.

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