Close Encounter Kit to protect against germs, bacteria and viruses


Close Encounter Kit to help protect against germs, bacteria and viruses

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Each kit includes:

• 1 – Anti- Microbial Dry Towel Wipe                                                                                                                                                                     –      Take anywhere kills all bacteria on contact. Use over and over again.
• 1- Redi Mask
-Protects Against: Flu Virus, Bacteria, Spores, Allergens etc
-Adhesive Sealing Mask Particle Mask w/ Anti-Fog eye Shield-An amazing weapon against pathogens -Proven       effective against Norovirus, E.Coli, Hepatitis B and C, HIV etc.
-Made in the USA
• 1-2 ounce Antibacterial, Anti-Virus Hand Lotion
-Contains Benzethonium Chloride that exhibits a broad spectrum of microbiocidal activity against bacteria, fungi, mold and virus
• 2 – Bio Hazard Bags
-5 Gallon bags to store infected material. Proper disposal must be followed.
• 1 – Large Protective Poly Coated Emergency Suit
• 1 – Pocket Tissue
• 2 – Antibacterial Bar Soap
• 8 – Antimicrobial Wipes
• 4 – Pair of Nitrile Gloves
• 4 – Ear Loop Face Shield Masks

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